Super hard stone, type 4. Marmoplast® N Resin-stabilized material

Marmoplast® N is possessing a high edge stability and low expansion. Marmoplast N is not brittle and does not splinter as easily as other super hard stones. Super smooth surface and especially high fluidity.
Recommendation: crown and bridge models, implant models, master models with precious/non-precious alloys, control models

Hard stone type 4 Marmoplast®
Colour golden brown, ivory, apricot, pearlgrey
Water-Powder-ratio 20 : 100
Working time in minutes 7-8
Setting time in minutes 15-17
Setting expansion % 0.09
Compressive strength, after 1 hour 60 MPa
Compressive strength, dry 90 MPa
Packing 25 kg; 4 x 5 kg; 5 kg